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Back for round ✌️, @ammerner returns for another season with Orion! Alison lives for crits with punchy uphills and big vibes, with a preference for turning left (we suspect that comes from the track), but will also target some UCI road events with the squad. Bringing a focus on teamwork and race craft, her goal for 2024 is to master being in the right position coming out of the last turn, whether she’s delivering a teammate or contesting the line.


Alison hails from the border city of Buffalo, NY, where she works as a grant writer for public media. Although a denizen of the arctic, Alison is NOT a fan of the cold — her “working retirement” plan is to become a sommelier, move to Spain and serve wine on sunny terraces. She spends her free time and long winters trying to master Bach violin partitas, and attempting (read: failing) to appease her cats, Jack and Sally.

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