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new to the team for 2020!

Caitlin started racing in 2018 after finding that she loved to climb in the mountains of Colorado. She has shown great strength and the ability to learn quickly and we are excited to see what she can accomplish in 2020! 

" My goal this season is to learn from my teammates who have plenty of  experience in the sport!"

Before she started cycling, she swam competitively and runs recreationally. Now she primarily focuses on cycling including road races and cyclocross. 

"I was introduced to cycling by my husband who raced in college. He thought it would be great for us to do something together! Now he is my biggest cheerleader!"

Describing herself as determined and eager to learn, Caitlin is gearing up for another season ready to conquer some stage races, work on staying with breakaways, and get her upgrade. She loves a challenge! 

We are excited to have Caitlin join Orion Racing and we are excited to see what she can learn and accomplish this season!