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Orion Racing is excited to welcome Alison Merner (@ammerner) to the team! 


Alison is known for her fearless cornering and enthusiasm for suffering (a practiced joy honed through years of swimming and running — though never at the same time). She started racing on the road in 2016, a year after buying her first road bike, and quickly fell in love with the energy, strategy and community of the sport. A year later, she stumbled into a velodrome and hasn’t stopped turning left since.


While she has competed in a wide range of disciplines, Alison has a deep passion for criterium racing. A four-time crit champion in her home state of NY, she has spent the last two seasons pushing limits and building experience in the P/1/2 peloton and is excited to line up with Orion at some of the most storied events on the calendar in 2023. 


When not ripping corners on a bicycle, she is most likely found writing, drinking coffee, and hanging out with her cats Jack and Sally. She really wants to be friends with your dog. Welcome, Alison!

alison action photo.jpg
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