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In 2017, Ellie picked up bike racing and found a new sport to thrive in! Fast forward 3 years, Ellie returns for her second season with Orion Racing. 

" I was introduced to the sport by the owner of a gym I went to for strength training. She is a very talented racer and a fantastic mentor for me as I learned the basics of the sport."

Describing herself as someone who loves the outdoors, she loves to #optoutside with her family and friends. She is ready to continue her passion on the bike! 


Heading into the 2020 race season, Ellie plans to develop her race awareness and confidence. We can't wait to support her this season and see what she can accomplish! 


2019 Season Results - Cat 3

  • Tour of America's Dairyland Lowland Sprint Competition *Overall - 2nd

  • Tour of America's Dairyland SERIES *Overall - 3rd

  • Tour of America's Dairyland Kenosha - 3rd