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Our new teammie @twowheeledteeps loves the bike for the lessons and the journeys they enable. This mountain goat is most at home when the road goes up and loves a good Queen Stage. Off road, the single track is her favorite, but she doesn't consider herself especially skilled at techy routes. Races in places she's yet to visit have her signing up fastest: she grew up in a rural area and her love and wonder for the living world has only continued to increase. 


Pet-sitting has kept her and her dream mostly alive, while she looks for a more stable career. 

Her 2024 goal is to finally tackle the big U.S. stage races and get another shot at Nationals after a 4-year hiatus! If you see a Melissa out in the wild, don't be shy — say hi! Community is the best part of bikes and she’d love to share a spin.


#reachforthestars #squad #womenscycling #roadracing #fullsend

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